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Collect, edit, and publish videos faster than ever before

100+ organizations are driving more revenue and creating more engagement than ever before by leveraging the power of video.

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How does Gather Voices Work?

1. Create a Video Request

A video request is a prompt that guides someone though the process of making a video for you. Customize it with talking points, your logo, and brand colors. Embed the request anywhere on the web or share a direct link.

2. Capture Video Anytime, Anywhere

With our guided video recording experience, we provide gentle coaching for your users, helping them record and upload a quality video from their own device—mobile or web browser. When happy with their content, users upload their video along with a media release.

3. Edit Videos & Add Branding

With a template builder and suite of simple editing tools, Gather Voices makes it easy for non-technical team members to perform basic video editing. Add your logo and colors, build open and end cards, and create video montages—you can do it all within our cloud-based platform.

4. Caption Videos in Minutes

 Captions aren’t just nice-to-have—they’re essential for accessibility and engagement. Gather Voices provides advanced ai-powered machine captioning and, through our partnership with Dotsub, you can easily translate captions into any language. Using our platform, it’s easy to punch in and fine-tune the automatically generated captions, no technical skills required.

5. Publish Videos in a Single Click

Publish and share individual videos or create interactive galleries, all in just a few clicks within the software. Plus, all videos are available for download, can be embedded into your website, and can be shared to social platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter with a single click. We can even push video data directly to Salesforce or Blackbaud!

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Quickly showcase your video content all in one place with The Hive

Creating an engaging gallery of videos is fast and easy with The Hive. Forget about web design work, complex coding, and IT Hours. Request and highlight video content all in one place.

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Video Integration for Higher Logic

Gather Voices is proud to present Community Voices—the exclusive video plugin for Higher Logic users. Increase member engagement by adding video to your community discussions.

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Create more engaging content with Gather Voices

Unleash the power of real voices from your community and deliver 10X more video — see how it’s done when you request a demo today!

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