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Associations use Gather Voices to increase member engagement & non-dues revenue.

Collect member videos anytime, anywhere and use them to create compelling member engagement campaigns. Learn how many associations are using Gather Voices to create and share more video than ever before!

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Improve Member Engagement

In the age of COVID-19, when we can’t be together in person, video presents an incredible opportunity for strengthening connections between members. We’ll show you how associations are using video to make a measurable impact on engagement.

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Increase Non-Dues Revenue

Non-dues revenue is essential—and now that in-person conferences aren’t happening, associations need new strategies in order to survive. Discover our proven programs for using video to increase non-dues revenue across your association.

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Create 10x More Videos

The true strength of an association lies in the wisdom of its members. Using the Gather Voices video solution, you can collect video from your members anytime, anywhere—and turn this video into marketing content to be used all year long.

Retail Solutions Providers Association

RSPA Drove 71% Higher Click Rate Using Video Segmentation

The Retail Solutions Providers Association (RSPA) understands that incorporating video into their strategy is critical to their success. After achieving great results with several video campaigns, they expanded their use of video to support their Continuing Education objectives. In order to drive awareness and registration for their new online EXCELerate Learning Platform, the RSPA created segmented promotional emails that incorporated user-generated videos targeted to each segment’s needs and achieved a 71% higher click rate compared to industry benchmark.

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Society of Interventional Radiology

SIR Drove 2.2X More Social Media Engagement for their Mobile App Launch

The Society of Interventional Radiology (SIR) had big plans to unveil their brand new SIR Guidelines Mobile App at their annual event. But, when the event was transitioned to a fully virtual experience, the team knew they needed innovative ways to cut through the noise in the crowded digital space and drive real excitement. By showcasing authentic user-generated video content from members of their software development team, SIR improved their average social media engagement rates by 2.2x!

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American Pharmacists Association

APhA Engaged Their Virtual Event Audience with User-Generated Video

When the American Pharmacists Association (APhA)’s annual event was transitioned to a virtual experience, they knew they needed to find innovative ways to invite their community to join the conversation. By using real user-generated video content from members, staff, sponsors, and industry thought-leaders, APhA delivered a high-value and incredibly unique virtual experience. From promotional content to recognition to opening and closing ceremony celebrations, APhA delivered authentic engagement with video.

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Video Integration for Higher Logic

Gather Voices is proud to present Community Voices—the exclusive video plugin for Higher Logic users. Increase member engagement by adding video to your community discussions.

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