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Associations use Gather Voices to increase member engagement & non-dues revenue.

Collect member videos anytime, anywhere and use them to create compelling member engagement campaigns. Learn how many associations are using Gather Voices to create and share more video than ever before!

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Improve Member Engagement

In the age of COVID-19, when we can’t be together in person, video presents an incredible opportunity for strengthening connections between members. We’ll show you how associations are using video to make a measurable impact on engagement.

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Increase Non-Dues Revenue

Non-dues revenue is essential—and now that in-person conferences aren’t happening, associations need new strategies in order to survive. Discover our proven programs for using video to increase non-dues revenue across your association.

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Create 10x More Videos

The true strength of an association lies in the wisdom of its members. Using the Gather Voices video solution, you can collect video from your members anytime, anywhere—and turn this video into marketing content to be used all year long.

Lippman Connects

ECEF Jump-Started Productive Networking Virtually with Introduction Videos

Bringing executives together for engaging, productive networking is at the heart of the Exhibition and Convention Executives Forum (ECEF). When the pandemic hit, the Lippman Connects team knew they needed to provide opportunities for ECEF attendees, sponsors, and speakers to connect virtually. Sam Lippman, President of Lippman Connects, said “I can’t think of a more efficient way to introduce 200 or more executives to each other than through the Gather Voices solution.”

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Groundwork Ohio

Groundwork Ohio Engaged High-Quality Applicants with Gather Voices

Groundwork Ohio needed to encourage more high-quality, diverse applications for the second year of their Early Childhood Leadership Fellowship. They knew that video testimonials from their current fellows would give them the social proof they needed to secure valuable applications, despite economic challenges caused by COVID-19. But with the deadline just 4 weeks away and the fellows spread out across the state, they needed a solution to collect, edit, and publish videos with incredible speed.

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SickKids Foundation

SickKids Engaged and Activated Fundraisers Virtually Using Gather Voices

SickKids Foundation’s annual fundraising event, ‘GetLoud’, was transitioned to a month-long virtual campaign in response to COVID-19. The team needed simple and safe ways to engage fundraisers in a digital environment. Using Gather Voices’ Video Relationship Management (VRM) software, the team collected over 120 video stories from sponsors, fundraisers, supporters, and ambassadors, which helped them exceed their goal for registered fundraisers and generate more than 1.6M in donations.

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Video Integration for Higher Logic

Gather Voices is proud to present Community Voices—the exclusive video plugin for Higher Logic users. Increase member engagement by adding video to your community discussions.

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