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Businesses use Gather Voices to engage their audiences and drive results

Collect videos from your audience anytime, anywhere, and use them to create compelling campaigns.  Learn how companies are using Gather Voices to create and share more video than ever before. 

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Create Engaging Marketing Content

People don’t want to engage with brands. People want to engage with real people. Using the Gather Voices video solution, you can collect video from your audience anytime, anywhere — and turn it into marketing content people actually want to engage with. 

Improve Internal Communications

Create authentic human connections with your employees using video. Whether you’re replacing documents on the intranet that no one wants to read or requesting video feedback from employees, you can build your culture with Gather Voices.

Create and Share 10x More Videos

All of your customers and employees have supercomputers with professional video cameras in their pockets. Gather Voices makes it easy and affordable to let your audience co-create meaningful content with you.

University of Miami School of Communications launched “All of Us” to connect students, alumni and faculty in this time of COVID-19. Powered by Gather Voices, Miami was able to collect videos from all over the world.

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Experience Columbus used Gather Voices to collect and share stories from attendees & sponsors at the PCMA conference, speaking to the importance of workplace equity.

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