Using Video to Generate More Trade Show Leads

Michael Hoffman
Co-founder & CEO, Gather Voices

When you go to a trade show, lead generation is inevitably on your mind. After all, 68 percent of B2B marketers make in-person events a core part of their lead generation strategies, so you’re in the majority there. Additionally, 62 percent of B2B company leaders assert that trade shows are a critical marketing channel.

Plus, 81 percent of trade show attendees have buying authority. Couple that with the fact that 92 percent are actively looking for new products, and it’s clear that trade show leads have potential.

But how do you generate leads at a trade show? Can you rely on traditional approaches like posters and free stress balls? Or, do you have to go the extra mile, ensuring you stand out from the crowd? In most cases, those who adopt the latter mentality are going to see the best results.

A little creativity can go a long way when you need to generate trade show leads. You have to find a way to attract and engage attendees, and some bland display and standard swag just won’t cut it. Luckily, you have options. Here’s a look at how trade show video and other approaches can leave you swimming in leads.

How Do You Generate Leads at a Trade Show?

Generating leads at a trade show doesn’t have to be a challenge. By implementing the right strategies, you can engage attendees and collect contact details with ease.

First, consider elevating the old trade show staple: the giveaway. If you’re going to have swag, don’t just have it sitting on a table. Instead, have an example up but add a qualifying activity for attendees that want one.

If the tradeshow has QR codes on attendee badges that hold contact information, trade a QR scan with a lead scanner for an item. You get contact info, and they get something in return. You can even hold back higher value swag for activities that indicate a stronger lead. For instance, signing up for an in-house demo might get the attendee more than handing over contact details.

Next, make sure your representatives are dynamic and engaging professionals. They are going to be promoting the organization, so you want to make sure they’ll make a great impression. Choose personable, friendly, extroverts who know what you have to offer inside and out. That way, they can better qualify leads and facilitate stronger connections with attendees.

Also, make sure your booth has some entertainment value and personality. Dry data and blasé marketing material aren’t very engaging. While you don’t want to overwhelm visitors, make sure your table has some color and possibly some movement. Keep the mood upbeat and energetic. Don’t be afraid of injecting a little personality, including humor, into your materials, displays, and conversations. Even a tongue-in-cheek play on words can catch the eye and pique an attendee’s interest. Just make sure it doesn’t push the envelope too far.

Finally, don’t overlook the power of video. When it comes to engagement, video is king. And, when it comes to a trade show video kiosk is hard to beat.

For example, the at the 2018 Society of Women Engineers Conference, Make It MSP, brought in a Gather Voices Video Kiosk to collect videos from attendees. Participants could record short clips about their career goals and experiences, giving them a platform to share their enthusiasm and expertise.

Plus, those videos were shareable. In real-time, the team could access the videos, share them on social media, and play them back. It provided an immediate method for boosting engagement.

The Benefits of Trade Show Video Kiosks

With a video kiosk, you have a video creation platform that is exceptionally easy to use. Anyone who wants to participate simply approaches the Gather Voices Video Kiosk and follows the available instructions. Then, they can immediately produce a video.

You can keep the recordings targeted by using a carefully selected prompt. For example, if you offered a product demo at your booth, ask for video reviews and feedback. Have attendees tell you what they enjoyed or discuss the value they see in your product.

Once a video is recorded, you can access it right away. Publish it on social media to showcase the trade show, attract more attendees, and engage with other social media users. You can also use the clips to create longer videos, featuring a series of attendees for longer marketing pieces.

Not only is a video kiosk highly capable, but it’s also incredibly cost-effective. You don’t have to hire a production crew to capture attendee responses. It’s all built right into the kiosk, eliminating the crew burden entirely.

Plus, you can run the videos at your booth. If people share something exciting, play the video for other attendees to see. Many people can’t help but notice video, so you’ll capture their attention and potentially draw them in.

Generating Trade Show Leads with Video

Along with the benefits above, trade show video is also great for lead generation. First, anyone willing to create a video is already engaged. If they weren’t, they wouldn’t jump at the chance to head to the kiosk.

As part of the process, make sure that you have a method for collecting contact details for every participant. A lead scanner is an excellent option for capturing information from attendee badges. Alternatively, there could be a quick form that video creators can complete before they record.

Now, you’ll have a way to reach out and follow up. You are generating a contact list of high-value, well-qualified leads. By making follow up with these attendees a priority, you can launch a conversation when their excitement is high.

Trade Show Booth Video: Combining Marketing and Lead Gen

Ultimately, trade show video is a powerful tool. It masterfully combines marketing with lead gen, giving you great videos for future campaigns and for your content library. Plus, you’ll cultivate a list full of well-qualified leads. If you are looking for an exceptional video kiosk for your next event, Gather Voices has the solution you need. Not only is it highly capable, but it’s also much more affordable than hiring a production crew. Schedule a demo to find out more about what Gather Voices can do

Michael Hoffman
Co-founder & CEO, Gather Voices

Michael Hoffman is the co-founder and CEO of Gather Voices, a technology company that automates the creation, management and publishing of video content. He is also the founder of See3 Communications, a digital marketing agency in Chicago and founder of the DoGooder Video Awards which honors the best social cause video on YouTube each year. Hoffman teaches marketing at the University of Chicago and is an internationally sought-after speaker and trainer who is a trusted advisor to business leaders on engagement strategy.

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