How to Repurpose Video Content to Extend Its Shelf Life & Increase Engagement

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If you have a ton of video assets, you may be wondering: Once I use it, is it done for good?

The answer is—emphatically—no!

Video content can be nearly infinitely re-used. Different edits, different contexts, and different media can all be leveraged to make multiple uses out of the same piece of content.

When you have just one video, you have thousands of potential content pieces. That’s why utilizing video is so important. Just one video has the power to drive engagement in many different ways.

When you have a really solid piece of video content, there are many different ways you can repurpose it. Here are a few example use cases:

  • Audio-only as a podcast
  • Instagram story
  • Uploaded to YouTube in multiple parts
  • Segmented in an email campaign based on interest, location
  • Used as the basis for a blog post or a series of blog posts
  • Placed behind a QR code on one-pager handouts
  • Spliced in throughout a webinar
  • Take multiple shorter videos and combine them into one, larger one

Practical Examples for How to Repurpose Video Content

The University of Miami

Take the example of the University of Miami. The School of Communications launched a campaign that collected videos during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. This allowed students and alumni to connect virtually. But these videos have applications beyond the pandemic. For example, UofM can build an alumni email campaign highlighting their global  community. They can use their videos for social media posts, highlighting a new voice every day. A number of voices can be edited together into a long form video. And the audio can be repurposed into a podcast format. (This last one is a particularly valuable one, as podcast listening is expected to grow by 10.1% in 2021.)


The Alliance for Safety and Justice (ASJ) collected over 132 video stories as part of their Heal the Vote Campaign. These stories were viewed 10,000 times. And that doesn’t have to be the end. Videos can be repurposed for daily social medial posts—a useful tactic given that social media posts with videos earn up to 48% more views. More views lead to more attention and more results.

The Society of Women Engineers Conference

At the Society of Women Engineers Conference, Greater MSP used Gather Voices software to highlight the intriguing stories of women engineers. In just two days, they acquired 50 video assets. This is evergreen content that will always be relevant. It can be used on Instagram, where video generates the most engagement. It could be used as part of a longer-form story highlighting the contributions of women in engineering.

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