Greater MSP Raised Up the Voices of Women Engineers

At the Society of Women Engineers Conference, Greater MSP MSP used Gather Voices to highlight the stories of women engineers. They collected videos from over 50 attendees in just two days, creating a video library that they're still using — long after the conference has ended.

10/22/2020 @ 1PM CT


The Gather Voices Video Kiosk made it easy to collect video on the spot — SWE 2018 participants recorded short, informal videos talking about their career goals


No need to wait for a video team to deliver an edit — the Make It MSP social media team logged in to Gather Voices to access videos in real time


Make It MSP activated SWE attendees, emphasizing their mission and making attendees feel that they are critical part of the moment

Make It MSP Asked One Simple Question

At the Society for Women Engineers conference, Greater MSP had a plan to connect with women engineers from around the country and ask them a simple question: “What problem do you want to solve in your career?”

Before Gather Voices

  • Greater MSP struggled to capture conference video that made an impact
  • Their team members would take videos on their iPhones — they would get uploaded weeks after the conference, if at all
  • Engagement with their audience was limited by geography, time and budget for capturing video content and therefore they were missing out on sharing the real stories, experiences and reasons women engineers are involved.

Using Gather Voices

  • With the Gather Voices Video Kiosk, Greater MSP engaged over 50 attendees and captured amazing video in just two days
  • The Gather Voices platform enabled the social media team to review and publish videos in real-time during the conference
  • Greater MSP continues to drive engagement with their videos, which they’ve been sharing throughout the year
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