Gather Voices powers University of Miami student and alumni campaign

University of Miami School of Communications launched “All of Us” to connect students, alumni and faculty in this time of COVID-19. Powered by Gather Voices, Miami was able to collect videos from all over the world. Students and alumni were able to virtually break their isolation with video. The site has led to a strong sense of community and signals to prospective students that U Miami is a community that cares.

10/22/2020 @ 1PM CT


Students, alumni and faculty could all create videos from anywhere in the world without any special instructions or hand holding


Students are feeling isolated because of COVID-19. By sharing their stories, and connecting their stories to the stories of others, they feel connected


Showing a tight-knit community of students and alumni, the University of Miami becomes a more attractive choice for prospective students

Using video to drive engagement with students and alumni

For Universities forces to send students home, engagement is a critical concern. To maintain a viable university community, students, alumni and faculty have to feel connected to the school, and to each other.

University of Miami used Gather Voices to connect students to each other, and to alumni all over the world.  Integrating a Gather Voices request right into their website, they had an easy way to both collect and display video content.

  • Creating a global community with video
  • Demonstrating a supportive environment for prospective students
  • Reducing feelings of isolation during COVID-19
University of Miami

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