How Much Does a Gather Voices Subscription Cost?

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One of the most common questions we get is: how much does a Gather Voices subscription cost? And, it’s a good one. Traditional methods of video production simply don’t scale. Whether you’re paying a full-service agency thousands of dollars for one video featuring hired talent or manually collecting user-generated video content from your community, the cost in time and resources is great.

Gather Voices’ video software solutions streamlines the process of collecting, editing, and publishing authentic video content, so organizations have the time, budget, and resources to leverage the power of video to support many strategic initiatives instead of only a select few. Our Clients have saved anywhere from $400 for simple video projects to $50,000 for more robust campaigns compared to the cost of traditional video production.

Gather Voices offers custom subscription packages that are designed to meet your organization’s unique video needs. Some of the factors that affect pricing include:

  • The number of video use cases
  • Subscription duration
  • Optional functionality and features
  • Professional video editing services
  • The number of administrators

Throughout the rest of this article, we’ll take a closer look at each of these factors.

Number of Video Use Cases

Gather Voices offers subscription plans for teams that are looking to use video for a single use case, as well as for organizations that want to use video across the entire organization. During the demo process, we’ll discuss your organizations’ goals and objectives and how our turnkey video solutions can be used to drive the results you need to determine which package is right for you.

Subscription Duration

Gather Voices’ subscription plans also depend on the length of your subscription. We have plans with six-month contracts and one-year contracts. During the demo process, we’ll help you think through which contract length makes sense for your organization based on the results you need to achieve.

Optional Functionality and Features

Each of Gather Voices’ subscription plans comes with its own set of functionality and features. During the demo process, we’ll help you understand the capabilities of our Video Relationship Management software and how they relate to your organization’s video needs to help you decide which subscription plan is right for you.

Professional Video Editing Services

Some video projects call for a little extra production value. For those projects where our simple-to-use video editing tools aren’t quite enough, we offer professional video editing services so you don’t have to spend time sourcing and onboarding another vendor to help with video production. To help keep video affordable, Clients can take advantage of the volume discount we get with our video production partners.

Number of Platform Administrators

At Gather Voices, we believe that video should be so simple that anyone in your organization - regardless of their video experience or technical expertise - can collect, edit, and publish video with ease. Our subscription package pricing varies based on the number of platform administrators you choose to add to your platform.

The answer to the question “how much does a Gather Voices subscription cost?” is simple: it depends on your organization’s specific goals and objectives. Publishing high-quality video content consistently is important, and Gather Voices’ video software solutions will help your organization save money, time, and human resources compared to traditional video production. Request a demo today to get started.

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