Sierra Club amplified the voices of more than 30 climate advocates across the country

With over 3.8 million members, Sierra Club understands that their strength comes from their passionate advocates. By capturing these advocates on video, Sierra Club is able to catalyze more action and signal to lawmakers that they aren't simply an organization, they are a movement.


By collecting personal stories from advocates, Sierra Club added authentic voices in support of the cause


With all their advocate videos in one place, the marketing team created promotional content quickly and easily


Advocates sent video from their mobile phones in just a few clicks — no technical knowledge required

Sierra Club collected dozens of personal stories to make a compelling case for their social cause

Before Gather Voices

Collecting video from advocates was complicated and time-consuming

  • Consistency was a problem — Sierra Club had different internal teams who collected video from their supporters in different ways
  • Sierra Club used email for requesting and collecting video, which was difficult to track and organize
  • They received videos in dozens of different formats — their team spent hundreds of hours collecting and managing video content

Using Gather Voices

Sierra Club collected member videos with ease

  • Gather Voices provided a central location for all teams to collect their videos in one place
  • All video requests were created and distributed using Gather Voices — no more long email threads or inconsistent video messaging
  • Members submitted their videos directly from their mobile devices to the Gather Voices platform. The marketing team could access video in real-time and begin editing and captioning right away.
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