Each video highlighted the personal story of a single member, reinforcing ENA’s core value of member contribution.


A single conference in 2019 generated enough video to support a year-long member engagement campaign in 2020.


ENA took advantage of having all their members in one place — with Gather Voices, they created over 70 videos in four days!

Telling Authentic Member Stories at Scale

Before Gather Voices

ENA produced video every year, but they struggled to improve member engagement through video content

  • ENA was no stranger to video — they frequently hired professional video crews to produce content related to their conferences and events
  • But their videos lacked the breadth and depth of their vast membership base; out of necessity, their videos focused on a few select individuals
  • High cost per video; each video required extensive resources and budget to produce

Using Gather Voices

ENA produced more videos, engaged more members, and shared more member stories

  • They used the Gather Voices Video Kiosk to collect 70+ short, high-impact video stories in the member’s lounge
  • Select videos were cut together and used to support their “I Am A…” campaign in 2019
  • Most videos were slated for distribution throughout 2020 in support of their 2020 Annual Meeting
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Create more engaging content with Gather Voices

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