The Visual Brain & Analytics for Associations: A Conversation with Julie Sciullo of Association Analytics

How to Measure Member Engagement: A Conversation with Julie Sciullo of Association Analytics

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Analytics is critical for every organization and associations are no exceptions. But using data to generate member insights and define strategies for year-round member engagement can be a challenge. That’s why we invited Julie Sciullo, the CEO of Association Analytics, to share her expertise with us.

She shared best practices around Analytics for Associations as part of our Conversation Series, a live webinar series where we gather insights from industry experts and thought leaders. You can get free access to watch the full replay of our conversation with Julie Sciullo on-demand here.

Here are a few actionable insights from the conversation:

1) Use Actionable Data to Drive Revenue and Support Your Mission

Many associations have a wealth of data at their fingertips, but not every association is using that data to uncover actionable insights and unlock their full revenue-driving potential. When you leverage analytics, you power your association’s profitability so that you have more resources at your disposal to drive your mission. Listen to Julie Sciullo:

2) Explore Ways to Diversify Your Revenue and Remain Profitable Amidst Change

Associations and other organizations need to diversify their revenue streams so that they can remain profitable, even through times of significant and rapid change. By looking at membership data, you can identify key areas of opportunity for diversification. Listen to Julie Sciullo:

3) Capture Data from Digital Events in Real-Time

Digital events offer opportunities to capture data in real-time to power your organization’s strategies. You can mine video content, chat content, and so much more to get real-time, actionable insights that aren’t always possible to capture with in-person events. Listen to Julie Sciullo discuss the different types of data you can gather from digital experiences:

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