Preparing Your Association for the Long-Term Impact of COVID-19: A Conversation With KiKi L'Italien

Preparing Your Association for the Long-Term Impact of COVID-19: A Conversation With KiKi L'Italien

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COVID-19 will have a long-term impact on the associations industry.  Associations are constantly changing to adapt to the new normal and need to change in order to survive. We invited association expert, KiKi L’Italien, the CEO and Founder of Amplified Growth, to discuss the future of associations. 

She shared how smart associations can prove their value and relevance as part of our Conversation Series, a live webinar series where we gather insights from industry experts and thought leaders. You can get free access to watch the full replay of our conversation with KiKi L’Italien on-demand here

Here are a few actionable insights from the conversation:

1. Guaranteeing Your Members Feel the Value of Your Association 

For years, associations have been told they need to operate like for-profits and businesses. Now, many of them have lost the human aspect of bringing people together. Associations who have moved too far away from their mission are going to struggle because it is harder for members to measure the value of their membership. Learn more on why it’s important your members feel the value of your association:

2. Associations Are Built On Members

Now more than ever, it is important that each member of your association feels a strong sense of belonging. Unlike for-profit businesses, associations offer a community that members choose to be a part of. Listen to what KiKi L’Italien says your members need:

3. How Associations Can Emerge Stronger

There are several big changes that have happened in our society during this pandemic: the way we meet and work, the priorities we have, and the way we trust. These changes give associations a unique opportunity to connect people through these challenging times. Listen to KiKi L’Italien:

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