Association Leadership During the 2020 Pandemic: A Conversation with Michelle Mason, CEO of Association Forum

Association Leadership During the 2020 Pandemic: A Conversation with Michelle Mason, CEO of Association Forum

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Michelle Mason, FASAE, CAE, President and CEO of Association Forum, says “2020 is unlike any year we've ever experienced. We have three pandemics: We have social, economic and health. These pandemics threaten our business models, so we don't have a choice but to look inward.” That’s why we invited her to share her expertise with us.

As part of our Conversation Series, a live webinar series where we gather best practices from industry experts and thought leaders, Michelle Mason discussed how to set your association up to not only survive but thrive in our rapidly changing world. You can get free access to watch the full replay of our conversation with Michelle Mason on-demand here.

Here are a few actionable insights from the conversation:

1) Use This Time to Innovate, Test, Experiment, and Most Importantly: Learn

2020 accelerated many of the changes that were already coming to the association industry and offered an opportunity to innovate, test, and experiment. Associations must continue seeking out new ways to meet their members’ needs and experimentation and innovation are tools to get it done. Listen as Michelle Mason talks about the importance of using this time to test, measure, and learn:

2) Make Sure Your Staff Have the Skills Needed to Succeed in Our New Reality

To succeed in our new reality, your staff are going to need to develop and deepen new skill sets. For example, the quick pivot from hosting in-person events to producing virtual experiences required employees at many organizations to adapt to new technologies almost overnight. And, these trends are only going to continue. Listen to Michelle Mason:

3) Examine Your Culture to Ensure Your Organization Offers a Welcoming Environment

At their core, associations are all about bringing diverse people together to work toward a common objective and solve shared problems. Associations offer a welcoming environment where everyone has an equal voice. Now is the time to make sure that your organizational culture is one that offers all members a fair opportunity to contribute. Listen to Michelle Mason:

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