Revenue and Pricing Strategies for Virtual Events: A Conversation with Dr. Michael Tatonetti

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Learn How to Monetize Your Virtual Event

When it comes to virtual events, marketing leaders need best practices for a rapidly changing world. How do you create a compelling offer? What are the right pricing tiers? How do you craft sponsorship packages?

Get these answers—and many more—when you watch our live conversation with Dr. Michael Tatonetti. Dr. Michael is a revenue expert and Certified Pricing Professional.

In this 30-minute conversation, we discuss:

  • How to maximize revenue for your digital event
  • The ins and outs of crafting compelling offers
  • Pricing techniques for digital events
  • How to communicate value to attendees
  • Creating compelling sponsorship packages

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Michael Hoffman is the co-founder and CEO of Gather Voices, a technology company that automates the creation, management and publishing of video content. He is also the founder of See3 Communications, a digital marketing agency in Chicago and founder of the DoGooder Video Awards which honors the best social cause video on YouTube each year. Hoffman teaches marketing at the University of Chicago and is an internationally sought-after speaker and trainer who is a trusted advisor to association leaders on engagement strategy.

Dr. Michael Tatonetti (CAE, CPP) will teach you how to share compelling offers and monetize them. As a Certified Pricing Professional and executive leader of over 16 years, Dr. Michael has helped organizations grow their revenue by over 10-20% through strategizing your content into marketing funnels with the right prices to match. He’ll help you craft a custom Marketing and Pricing Roadmap so your audience is engaged, listening, and ready to act. Dr. Michael has worked with hundreds of organizations who have dubbed him The Content King™ for his ability to quickly map your offers to monetization. Now, he’s ready to work with you.