Keep Your Eye on the Outcomes: How Results-Oriented Marketers Plan, Execute, and Measure Effective Marketing Campaigns

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Learn How to Develop and Measure Your Marketing Campaigns

You launched a new marketing campaign. The artwork is engaging and your messages are spread out across a variety of touchpoints. But the campaign isn’t delivering the results you’d expected and you aren’t sure why. If this challenge sounds familiar, you aren’t alone.

That’s why we invited Carli Feinstein, Vice President of Partnerships and Strategy at Craft & Commerce, to join Michael Hoffman, CEO at Gather Voices, to demystify the process of developing and measuring marketing campaigns that actually deliver against predetermined outcomes. They’ll discuss how to approach:

  • Aligning on desired outcomes before beginning any digital marketing campaign
  • Understanding who your audience is and where their attention lies
  • Measuring which of your key messages most effectively transform your target audience’s attention into meaningful action
  • Repurposing existing content and assets vs. creating something new

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Featured Presenters

Michael Hoffman is the co-founder and CEO of Gather Voices, a technology company that automates the creation, management and publishing of video content. He is also the founder of See3 Communications, a digital marketing agency in Chicago and founder of the DoGooder Video Awards which honors the best social cause video on YouTube each year. Hoffman teaches marketing at the University of Chicago and is an internationally sought-after speaker and trainer who is a trusted advisor to association leaders on engagement strategy.

Carli Feinstein is an expert cause marketer and bridge-builder, who empowers Craft & Commerce’s partners to achieve strategic objectives through powerful bespoke collaborations. Carli’s career took off through roles in branding, sponsorship, experiential and cause marketing for personal-care logos such as TRESemme, Degree, and AXE. In 2012, Carli merged professional and personal passions when she joined national women’s health nonprofit Bright Pink to oversee marketing and communications strategy and manage key partner relationships. At Craft & Commerce, Carli brings all that experience to her hand-in-hand work with clients, helping them achieve cause awareness, constituent acquisition, issue education, and social change.

Carli is a founding member of Chicago’s Global Shapers, a globally recognized group of young leaders empowered by the World Economic Forum to improve the lives of Chicagoans. She also serves on the advisory council for youth emotional intelligence education start-up, Odyssey.