Social Proof

They featured real videos from frontline workers, plus a video request from Soledad O'Brien


With Gather Voices, frontline workers recorded video from their own devices — anytime, anywhere


Videos were edited and shared in a matter of days, which led to more and more videos coming in

Using Social Proof and Video Content for Advocacy

Before Gather Voices, the de Beaumont Foundation did not have a method for gathering video content from their community across the country.

Knowing that video is a critical component of modern advocacy campaigns, they decided to make video the focus for launching #WhyPublicHealthMatters

Here's how they did it:

  • They created a webpage for their campaign, starting with a batch of videos recorded via direct outreach
  • They embedded a Gather Voices Video Request on their page, including a call for videos from Soledad O'Brien
  • They did outreach and promotion to drive traffic to the page
  • They quickly edited and shared new videos within days, adding to the momentum and driving more video submissions

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