Waterkeeper United the Stories of Local Chapters

During their annual SPLASH Series, Waterkeeper Alliance puts on local events that build community around waterways. With Gather Voices, Waterkeeper empowered local chapters to capture video stories from their SPLASH events, collecting 35 videos from over dozens of chapters.


Gather Voices made it easy to build community through storytelling — staff and volunteers could contribute their stories using their mobile camera and the Gather Voices app.


No need to wait for a video teams to deliver footage — staff at the headquarters could access video from local chapters in real-time.


With more footage coming in from local events, Waterkeeper shared more videos, with some earning 20,000+ views on social media.

Connecting Communities and Waterways Across the Country

Waterkeeper Alliance created the SPLASH Series to build community around local waterways. With Gather Voices, they collected footage from local events, telling the larger story of how people engage with their waterways.

Before Gather Voices

  • Waterkeeper rarely shared video on social media
  • Local chapters struggled to capture video stories and share them with headquarters

Using Gather Voices

  • Local chapters collected videos and uploaded them in minutes
  • Social media and marketing staff at Waterkeeper headquarters accessed videos in real time
  • Short, personal stories resonated with online audiences, with some videos earning more than 20,000 views
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