With their “Together We Can” campaign, Resource Alliance invited members to share their beliefs on what can be done when people work together.


Resource Alliance used the Gather Voices Kiosk to manage videos in real-time at the conference, editing and publishing in a matter of minutes — rather than waiting weeks to receive raw video files.

Cost Savings

Rather than hiring a team of international videographers, Resource Alliance used the Gather Voices solution to collect pre-conference videos, reducing their video cost by more than 5x.

Real Video, Real Fast, Really Easy

The Resource Alliance used IFC to enable member participation in a new way. In advance of their conference, they reached out to their global members to create short videos to be included in their opening plenary. During the conference, they used the Gather Voices Video Kiosk to gather testimonials from members about the value of membership and the value of this event.

Before Gather Voices

  • As a global organization, the Resource Alliance couldn't afford to send camera crews to collect video from members internationally — the video they could collect was limited to a few individuals and cost thousands of dollars per video.
  • Resource Alliance had to wait weeks — if not longer — to get their final videos produced. This limited their ability to use and promote video content in the moments they needed it most.

Using Gather Voices

  • The Resource Alliance was able to deepen their engagement with their members globally.
  • The Gather Voices Video Kiosk enabled Resource Alliance to capture dozens of videos during the two-day conference.
  • Social media staff could access video just minutes after it was recorded by logging into Gather Voices from any web browser. With a new library of videos, Resource Alliance continued publishing video after the conference was over.
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