Gather Voices helped Personify transition their live event into a virtual success

Personify is a leader in association management systems. In response to the COVID-19 outbreak, they quickly transitioned Personifest to a full virtual conference. They understood that pre-recorded content was vital to a successful virtual event, and they used Gather Voices to make it happen — they drove 5X more participation in their virtual event than for their in-person conference.

10/22/2020 @ 1PM CT


Personify collected thank you videos from their award winners, housing them on the event platform to build momentum and energy.

Post-Event Content

Videos created will continue to be shared and leveraged throughout the year via website, blog, and social channels.

Sponsor Engagement

By enabling sponsors to share their value proposition to the attendees, Personify drove valuable attendee engagement sponsors loved.

Using pre-recorded video to drive engagement with members and sponsors

For organizations making the move to virtual conferences, audience engagement is a critical concern. To build engagement, you need more than just a day-long webinar — pre-recorded video is essential.Personify used Gather Voices to transform their virtual conference experience. They gather content from attendees, turning them into co-creators and building community in the process.Here’s how Personify used Gather Voices for their virtual conference program:

  • Virtual awards and thank-you videos
  • Vendor and sponsor promotional videos
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Create more engaging content with Gather Voices

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