Conference Engagement by the Nonprofit Technology Network Association

With a focus on their members, NTEN engaged the attendees of NTC to create videos about session speakers, award recognition, and conference attendee experiences. These videos were used before, during, and after the conference increasing engagement with attendees.


By including video on course landing pages, NTEN has increased time on site, conversion rate, and course enrollments


Attendees made their own videos to tell their personal stories of what they learned and felt about specific sessions at the conference.


NTEN used the Gather Voices platform and Kiosk to quickly create and publish videos, multiplying their impact and saving money on a professional videographer.

Before GV-One

In the past, NTEN hired professional videographers to interview and tape attendees to make videos that would be available long after the conference concluded. The post-production process would take weeks to complete, leaving NTEN with a huge time lag and great expense to make quality videos.

Using GV-One

NTEN used the GV-One platform and Kiosk to capture 30 quality stories from attendees in real time at the conference. They talked about their experiences at the conference and how they would take what they had learned back to inform their work going forward. They published directly to Facebook during the conference to drive engagement.

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