By collecting videos directly from experts, Marketing Land produced truly authoritative content


No need for a video crew or extensive editing sessions — staff used Gather Voices to edit and publish videos


Experts sent video from their mobile phones in just a few clicks — no technical knowledge required

Marketing Land used video to amplify the insights of leading experts in marketing, strengthening trust and authority for their publication

Before Gather Voices

Collecting video from experts required a professional video crew, which had inherent limitations

  • Given their budget, Marketing Land was limited in the number of videos they could produce each year
  • They could collect videos during their conferences, but coordinating crews and edit sessions required extensive time and resources
  • Without a team of video editors, they struggled to produce quick, nimble video for social media and blogging

Using Gather Voices

Marketing Land staff seamlessly integrated video into their content production process

  • Using Gather Voices, there was no limit to the amount of video they could collect
  • Some videos were collected at conferences, and others were recorded by experts on their mobile devices — either way, they used their phone cameras plus the Gather Voices solution
  • With videos uploaded instantly to Gather Voices, staff members could caption, edit, and publish videos in minutes
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Create more engaging content with Gather Voices

Unleash the power of real voices from your community and deliver 10X more video — see how it’s done when you request a demo today!

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