The League of American Orchestras Raised Over $75,000 in One Day

The League of American Orchestras leads, supports, and champions America’s orchestras. For their Third Annual League Giving Day, they set a goal of raising $75,000 in 24 hours. They collected video from members, who shared personal stories about why the League mattered to them. The League turned these videos into an awareness campaign for the entire month leading up to League Giving Day — which also tied in to their annual conference. On June 4, 2019 they surpassed their goal and raised of $75,000 in a single day.

10/22/2020 @ 1PM CT


The League made giving personal by sharing real videos of musicians talking about the impact that the league has had on their work.


Even though League Giving Day is a one-day event, the key to success was a month-long engagement campaign driven by video.


With thousands of members across the country, coordinating dozens of videos would have been cost-prohibitive without Gather Voices.

Leveraging Instructor Expertise and Impact

Before Gather Voices

The League of American Orchestras had a successful track record for raising funds on League Giving Day, in coordination with their annual conference. But like any successful association, they wanted to grow the impact of their efforts.As they set their 2019 goal of $75,000, they knew they needed video to make it happen. But they faced some significant barriers:

  • League members are located all across the country
  • Limited time and budget — not enough to coordinate local video crews
  • Not enough video — they wanted to run an awareness campaign, but they needed dozens of videos to do that

Using Gather Voices

That's when the League saw an opportunity to create video at scale, leveraging their member expertise to promote League Giving Day:

  • Members record short, personalized videos on their own time, using their mobile device
  • Videos are synced to the Gather Voices library in real time; they're edited and captioned in the platform
  • With dozens of videos collected, the League published video content multiple times per week leading up to League Giving Day
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