Videos shared on social media prompted dozens of comments, hundreds of likes, and thousands of views. The engagement from World FM Day videos was some of the best IFMA had in years


Videos were gathered, edited and shared over the course of two weeks. A faster approach created a stronger, timely response outcome from their members


Videos were uploaded and stored in one cloud-based location, making IFMA easily able to gather, brand, and edit the content for publishing to social media

Using Gather Voices, IFMA was gathered dozens of thank you message from across the world

Before Gather Voices, videos would have to be gathered on an individual basis with no streamlined process for submissions and editing.

The use of Gather Voices raised more awareness of World FM Day, and, in turn:

  • Proclaimed appreciation for Facility Managers everywhere whom have been struggling with the uncertainty of their businesses and careers being deeply impacted by COVID-19
  • Grew IFMA's social audience and outreach by connecting company chapters globally
  • Storing content in one cloud-based location provided an easier more efficient approach for members' involvement
  • Created a collection of standard branded content to be used as example for IFMA's mission and ethos for use on social channels
World FM Day Iphone Layout

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