Gather Voices helped Experience Columbus collect video testimonials for their Equity Pledge

Experience Columbus gathered stories from individuals at the PCMA conference speaking to the importance of workplace equity. "The Columbus Women's Commission was established to unite our local community in solving this inequity." The pledge collected 140 signatures promising to address pay inequities in their conferences. Using the Gather Voices video solution, Experience Columbus turned videos into a promotional montage showcasing the value of their equity pledge and announcing Columbus as the hosting city of the next PCMA conference in 2023.


Using their kiosk during the PCMA conference, Experience Columbus was able to gather 25 videos from attendees speaking to the importance of equity in the workplace


Videos were collected in one day and incorporated into a final montage


Uploading videos in one location allowed for an easy selection and sharing process come time to pass the footage along to their editor

Before the Gather Voices video solution, Experience Columbus relied entirely on a professional production team, which is more costly and results in fewer testimonials from various individuals.

Using Gather Voices, Experience Columbus staff were able to gather testimonials on the spot from PCMA attendees.

These 25 testimonies were incorporated into a montage video supporting their equity pledge mission in Columbus. Here's how Gather Voices contributed to their success:

  • Created an efficient upload and editing process with a one-day turn over for final video presentation
  • Hosted all responses on one cloud-based video platform allowing for easy selection for editing
  • Collected personal responses from PCMA attendees speaking out against the gender wage gap and inequalities within the workplace
experience columbus equity pledge montage

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