CRN Celebrates the 25th Anniversary of DSHEA

Gather Voices collected responses from CRN members reflecting on DSHEA's 25th Anniversary. Members shared stories of where they were at the founding of DSHEA and ideas about their industry's past, present, and future. Using the Gather Voices video solution, CRN edited response videos into a montage that was both a humorous and heartwarming tribute to the DSHEA's FDA significance and the supplement's accomplishments within the industry over the last 25 years.

10/22/2020 @ 1PM CT


Gathered selected members stories in celebration of the 25th Anniversary of DSHEA


Edited video responses were cut into a montage video for the CRN newsletter


Videos were uploaded to one cloud-based system and easily edited within Gather Voices video solution

Using Gather Voices, CRN was able to create a montage of stories to be shared on their company blog and newsletter

Before Gather Voices

Before using Gather Voices, CRN had limited methods for gathering and sharing video content.

Using Gather Voices 

Through direct outreach to select members, CRN could easily use the Gather Voices video solution to collect multiple videos over two weeks. Here’s how Gather Voices made a difference for the DSHEA 25th Anniversary montage:

  • Created an efficient upload and editing process by hosting all responses on one cloud-based video platform
  • Helped make one concise presentation of the CRN brand and DSHEA legacy then shared within the company newsletter, blog, and social channels
  • Ignited more engagement from members who shared personal experiences of the year the DSHEA was released and the impact DSHEA has had since 1994.
CRN 25th Anniversary Mobile Image

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