Videos created by the people working on every day with Club Members give potential donors a realistic view of all that can be accomplished.


Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida took control of its own story through videos that laid out the impact of the organization’s vital work, and how donor support can help.


Volunteers made more than 25 engaging videos in a few weeks, fully portraying challenges, opportunities, and triumphs of real people at the Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida.

Before GV-One

The Boys & Girls Club of Central Florida’s website was relatively static, with sterile text, a few generic images, and no videos highlighting the organization’s life-changing work. The only video on social media was focused around events and activities that didn’t showcase BGC’s impact on kids. Additionally, donor recognition was limited to a select few high-value donors, and events or private meetings were the only times that progress and goals achieved were publicly shared. Compelling constituent stories were rare.

Using GV-One

Once volunteers, staff, and Club Members started using GV-One, they made dozens of heart-warming, engaging videos about their interactions and programs within the Boys & Girls Clubs, and how those activities enriched the lives of everyone involved. They were able to quickly and easily publish videos on social media and the organization’s monthly newsletters. Now, they can personally recognize and acknowledge donor support, both privately and on social media, and share real examples of how funding supports their goals, and individual boys and girls, which encourages more giving.

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