Through direct outreach to their president’s colleagues, ASTS was easily able to gather 15 stories celebrating his work.


Videos were collected, edited, and shared over the course of two weeks.


Video content was stored in one cloud-based location and easily available for ASTS to gather and edit in time for the virtual event.

Before Gather Voices, videos were gathered on an individual basis with no streamlined process for submissions and editing.

The Gather Voices solution helped ASTS gather a plethora of videos celebrating their sitting president in a matter of days. Stories were turned into two montages and presented during the virtual dinner.

From the comfort of their homes, the ASTS team used Gather Voices to:

  • Create a seamless presentation of employee's videos of dedication
  • Make the gathering process simpler, allowing for more personal story contributions about current president, Dr. Lloyd E. Ratner
  • Connect both present and past employees from the ASTS community during the COVID-19 pandemic

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