Association Forum collected over a dozen member videos in one day

As the hub for the Chicagoland association industry, Association Forum hosts over a thousand association professionals at their annual meeting. For the Holiday Showcase, they tried a new tool for collecting video — the Gather Voices video solution. The result: Association Forum created over a dozen new member videos. In minutes, they captioned videos and shared them online.

10/22/2020 @ 1PM CT


No need to coordinate a video crew and supervise an edit — Gather Voices is a turnkey solution.


Easy editing, captioning, and publishing empowered Association Forum to share videos on social media in minutes.


With new opportunities for members to share their voices, Association Forum increased engagement online and in-person.

Using Video Technology for a Competitive Edge

Before Gather Voices

Association Forum was experienced with video, but they struggled to produce more video content given their finite resources:

  • They needed to increase member engagement, and they knew that video improves engagement
  • They wanted to tell more member stories with video
  • But they needed a big team to produce videos — a video crew and multiple project managers

Using Gather Voices

Association Forum produced more videos, engaged more members, and shared member stories

  • They used Gather Voice to collect short, high-impact video stories on the floor of the conference
  • One staff member was responsible for collecting, editing, captioning, and posting the videos during the conference
  • With over a dozen videos collected, Association Forum built a library of authentic content that they could use long after the conference was over
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