Wider reach and reception of applicant videos created more connection within international nursing community


Applicants recorded and uploaded video directly to the scholarship application


All videos are organized in one place easily accessible to the organization

With the help of Gather Voices, APHON was able to modernize and have a broader outreach for their International Nurse Scholarship

Before using Gather Voices, the International Nurse Scholarship only consisted of a written essay, leaving little room to showcase individual applicant's personality and purpose. By adding a video portion, APHON's applications captured 116+ authentic video responses from around the globe. APHON's new process gave the opportunity for nurses to show face and speak on behalf of their applications, which, in turn:

  • Brought a personal touch to the traditional application process
  • Provided individual perspective on what each applicant is hoping to gain from the conference and apply to their respective practices
  • Created an evergreen content library of nurses' stories that APHON can share all year long
Video Application Example

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