Why Should Trade Associations Create Member Testimonial Videos?

Your trade association can tell people about its value proposition 1,000 times and still not get the response it deserves. You may try to show them exactly what you stand for, but still not get there. Add member testimonial videos and everything changes.

Did you know that 91% of people aged 18-34 trust online reviews? That’s about as much as they’d trust a recommendation from a friend. It doesn’t matter if they’ve never seen the person in the testimonial.

Using video in landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80%. That margin is too big to ignore — and shows that video testimonials can work powerfully. Here’s why your trade association should care about member testimonial videos.

1. Members trust third-party reviews

When it comes to business, trust is a crucial factor. Member testimonial videos help build instant credibility. They trigger emotions and make a brand look authentic. As technology advances, videos may be part of the user generated content that brands use to boost trust.

That’s why you need association testimonials as part of your video marketing strategy. They will help your association stand out. Make sure you use them many times to gain trust with both existing and prospective members.

Videos humanize your trade association. People don’t always trust brands and experts. We’re hardwired to trust feedback from people who have our best interests at heart – people who we consider neutral. Having third parties giving powerful testimonials make people feel like your association truly cares.

2. Video testimonials are a great fundraising tool

Compared to other mediums of communication, human beings respond better to visual data. Depending on how a member conveys it, people may trust and remember more of what was said in a video testimonial than a text or audio alternative.

The League of American Orchestras raised over $75,000 in one day — member video was a critical part of their strategy

It’s easier to fundraise when people are engaged and emotionally moved. Video does a great job in this. When well done, a compelling video can stir up emotions, communicate your real value, and increase the chances of people funding your association.

3. FOMO increases event attendance

FOMO (fear of missing out) is huge. When we hear of someone’s great experience, we yearn to get that, too. We don’t want to miss out on big things out there.

When you organize an event, you really want to see the numbers trickling in. Your dream outcome is to get your target number of attendees. You want to ensure they’re satisfied with what they learn and that they look forward to the next event.

As you rally for people to attend, you can use different tactics, such as having time-sensitive offers and limited attendees. Couple that with powerful video testimonials and you’ll have people excited to participate.

To do this, you can get videos of members talking about just how they loved the previous event. Let them focus on exactly what they found beneficial.

Another useful tactic is to have event speakers record short videos promoting their session. These videos give a human face to the upcoming event and help build anticipation for specific talks.

Check the videos out and select those that have the best potential to boost attendance. Use them in as many places as you reasonably can, such as your website, emails and social media platforms.

4. Video attracts new members

You want more members to join your trade association — member testimonial videos make prospects see clearly what they can gain by joining. This can increase registration numbers.

For example, let’s say there’s a member who attended one of your events. She was struggling to boost her business revenue. She had doubts at first but went on to implement what she learned. Eventually she got 5 times more profit than the previous financial year.

Such a testimonial could easily move people who were sitting on the fence to join your association. Make such a testimonial visible on your website and social media channels. Since it’s coming from a third-party, it can have a huge impact.

In short, a member testimonial clearly communicates your organization’s value proposition. This makes it easier for people to make that “join now” decision.

5. Video keeps members coming back

Your survival depends on this. You don’t only want people to join, but you want them to keep coming back. High member turnover is bad for business.

On the other hand, people are always questioning their memberships. If they feel like they didn’t really benefit, they’re out. Remember that one unsatisfied member can go with a few more if their issue is not properly handled.

There are many reasons why members may not renew their memberships. These include:

  1. Lack of value: People want to associate costs with reasonable ROI. Videos showing members who are getting significant ROI can help mitigate this.
  2. Financial challenges: It makes sense for someone to opt out because they simply can no longer afford the membership. Testimonials can help prevent this in the first place. They show that member success is a top priority. Showing a third-party whose business was on the rocks, but the association helped it to get back up, can help boost the success of others who are going through the same situation.

Creating video regularly can help bring back those on the verge of giving up. And better yet, videos make members want to stay longer, since they see that the association is providing real value to real people.

Help members trust you

Using association video testimonials can be powerful. You should care about having such videos because they can make members trust you. Whenever you’re raising funds, people will see the value of contributing. You’ll also capitalize on FOMO, which will make people not want to miss your events.

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