Video Testimonial Software: What Options Exist to Collect Testimonial Videos?

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Each year, we at Gather Voices meet with well over 1,000 businesses to discuss their testimonial video needs and help them evaluate testimonial video software. And because so many folks know we’re intimately aware of all things video, we often get asked about what competitors exist in the video software space to collect video testimonials.

We know video is the most important kind of content there is and having video software that supplements your professional video resources is critical for every kind of organization. We're never ones to shy away from being blatantly honest with respect to competition, and we want our clients to be as informed as possible.

While we specialize in video for the event industry, as well as association, and nonprofit communities, here is a list of some of the companies that we have seen who are providing video testimonial software and helping companies collect video testimonials.


Thankview was built for fundraisers to thank donors and now lets you easily create and send personalized videos to raise awareness, promote events, update stakeholders, and thank those who matter most. Thankview enables the collection of testimonial videos for the charity and higher education market.

Thankview is focused on donor engagement and fundraising and merged with fundraising software company EverTrue. Much of their focus is on testimonial videos and thank you videos for higher education.

Memory Fox

MemoryFox is a platform that helps nonprofit marketers collect, organize, and share powerful storytelling content sourced from their community of donors, volunteers, staff and mission beneficiaries. It enables donors to create testimonial videos on behalf of the charities they support.

With MemoryFox  you can create & share branded collection campaigns – testimonial videos – that will help you demonstrate good stewardship to donors, highlight diverse & inclusive programs, and delight your audience on social media.


Tribute is a more consumer take on the testimonial video. With Tribute you collect testimonial videos of people and then create a video montage where people come together to share their love, admiration, or respect for their friends and family.

Tribute calls itself the “group video maker for special occasions” though they also have some customers who use their software to collect video testimonials for business and consider Tribute to be video testimonial software.

Vocal Video

Vocal Video is a platform for collecting, editing, hosting, and sharing testimonial videos.

Vocal Video says that they work with large companies, small businesses, nonprofits and others – basically anyone – to collect video testimonials using their video testimonial software.  Testimonial video software like Vocal Video can be used to collect different types of content from businesses of all sizes.


Vouch is a video collection platform for testimonials, feedback, internal comms and more. You create questions and share them with a link to one or many respondents.

Vouch allows you to edit and share responses to your website, blog and social media, or integrate for sharing via tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Highspot and HubSpot.

Video Peel

VideoPeel is a Utah-based video testimonial software company.  

They say they are a company that works for eCommerica to Education to all industries in between. In other words, they are a general video collection software platform for testimonials.

VideoPeel says that with their testimonial software you can capture video from your customers in seconds and share them at the right moment to make your buyer’s journey more authentic.  VideoPeel also says that it is a remote video capturing platform for video testimonials, virtual estimates, video interviews, video surveys and video assessments.

Collecting video testimonials can be a challenge. Boast says they have an all-in-one video testimonial software that makes it easy to capture and share praise so you can build trust with prospects and increase sales.

They are focused on marketing and sales testimonials for their video software and online are categorized as consumer feedback video software.


Seenit allows you to collect testimonial video content from anyone, anywhere in the world, and turn it into collaborative stories. With Seenit, you can collect video testimonials and use their testimonial video software to collect videos and then put them together into a montage they call collaborative stories.


StoryPrompt is a relatively new company in the world of video testimonial software. They call it “video chats” but they are a platform for collecting video testimonials.

A focus of StoryPrompt is to reduce the amount of meeting and synchronous meeting time by using asynchronous video collection. That said, StoryPrompt can be considered video software and even video testimonial software.


VideoAsk comes from the Spanish company Typeform. It allows you to have asynchronous video conversations with your customers as well as collect video testimonials.

VideoAsk lets you create flows of video testimonial conversations where one video leads to another video. Similar to the form factor you get in Typeform, you go from one video to the next video and it becomes more of a conversation than a single testimonial.


So there are a few companies to consider if you're looking for simple testimonial video software.

You may also like to take a look at some of these great resources:

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