Video Solutions for Association Challenges: Insights from Industry Reports

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Recent industry research, including the 2024 State of Membership Survey by Fonteva and GrowthZone’s 2024 Association Survey, reveals critical challenges that associations face today. Here are some highlights from these reports and how Gather Voices addresses these critical issues.

Efficient Member Engagement

The reports indicate that members often lack time for traditional engagement. Our video platform addresses this by offering a quick and efficient way for members to participate, which can be a key selling point in our sales conversations.

Reactivation of Former Members

The need to re-engage members who have left is a significant concern for associations. Our solution uses personalized video content to rekindle interest and re-establish connections, showcasing the effectiveness of our platform in revitalizing member involvement.

Credibility Building through Video

Members are increasingly interested in building their professional reputation. Our platform helps them achieve this by facilitating the creation of thought leadership videos, enhancing their visibility and credibility within their industry.

Innovative Revenue Streams

Associations are actively seeking ways to increase non-dues revenue. Our video tools can support this goal by integrating sponsored content, educational videos, and monetizable virtual events into their revenue models.

Strengthening Remote Connections

As remote work persists, maintaining a strong community connection is more crucial than ever. Our video platform ensures that remote members feel connected and engaged, regardless of their physical location.

These industry insights guide our approach to showing associations how video can address their most pressing challenges. By focusing on these strategic areas, Gather Voices can position itself as an essential partner in enhancing association engagement and revenue through innovative video solutions.

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