The Main Challenges Event Professionals Face Today and How to Address Them

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Event professionals face numerous challenges in today’s dynamic landscape. Here, we explore the primary hurdles and effective strategies shared by industry experts.

Video gallery of event professionals talking about events industry challenges

Engagement: Capturing Attention

Liz Lathan, Co-Founder and CMO at Community Factory and Chief Community Officer at Club Ichi, highlights, "The biggest challenge event professionals are dealing with today is engagement. Our attendees find their cell phones more interesting than our events. We need to change how they engage by educating stakeholders on cognitive, behavioral, and emotional engagement." By collaborating with content professionals, executives, and sponsors, event professionals can create interactive and immersive experiences that capture attendees' attention.

Late Registrations: Planning Under Uncertainty

Jennifer Jones, VP of Strategic Account Management at mdg, states, "People are registering a lot later, making it difficult to know attendance numbers. Use promo codes, incentives, or on-site perks to encourage early registration. Monitor room blocks and plan for longer on-site registration lines." Strategic incentives and efficient on-site management can help manage last-minute registrations.

Professional Development: Investing in Growth

Eric Rozenberg, President and Mentor at Event Business Formula, observes, "The main challenge is investing in our professional development. Learning to manage your business, focus on what you do best, delegate, and grow is crucial. Investing in your professional development is the greatest investment for your career." Continuous learning and skill enhancement are essential for staying ahead in the industry.

Cost Management: Maximizing ROI

Michael Hoffman, CEO of Gather Voices, points out, "The biggest challenge with events is cost, especially in the AV world. We address this by lowering the cost of video content creation and focusing on increasing ROI by creating year-round usable content and fostering community connections." Adopting cost-effective solutions and maximizing event ROI through technology and content repurposing can extend the event’s value.

Doing More with Less: Budget Constraints

Emily Laufgraben, Market Insights Manager at Maritz, explains, "Being asked to do more with less is a significant challenge. Deliver impactful experiences with finite budgets by understanding your guests and using data and technology to listen before, during, and after the event." Leveraging guest insights and data can help deliver impactful experiences within budget constraints.

Evolving Marketing Strategies: Navigating Digital Changes

Clarissa Russel, Account Executive at She-Strategies Group, asserts, "Meeting success depends on rethinking your marketing strategy due to changes in Google. Creating shareable content for social media is key. Content creation is now everyone's job, including meeting planners." Adapting marketing strategies and leveraging social media to amplify reach and impact is crucial.

Event professionals face significant challenges in engagement, registration, professional development, cost management, budget constraints, and marketing strategies. By adopting innovative solutions and leveraging industry insights, they can effectively navigate these hurdles and enhance their event planning and execution.

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