The Evolving Landscape for Event Profs: 2024 Predictions to Watch

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As we move through 2024, industry experts have shared their predictions for how the events landscape may evolve by year's end. Here's a sneak peek at their forecasts - we'll have to stay tuned to see how they unfold:

Dianne Devitt, owner of Dianne Devitt, LLC, predicts increased pricing power: "From an independent point of view now is the time and I see more and more people doing this more than ever of raising their prices because events are such an intrinsic communication tool for any business enterprise."

Her perspective reflects the potentially elevated value placed on events.

Clarissa Russell, Account Executive at She-Strategies Group, emphasizes accessibility as a necessity: "For our industry to thrive in 2024 we need to continue to allow individuals to decide how they want to engage in person or virtually this flexibility gives individuals with disability, greater access to attend events."

Her prediction highlights the need for inclusive experiences.

Kimberly Hardcastle, President of mdg, a Freeman company, foresees a shift toward more engaging formats: "I think that savvy B2B organizers are going to be borrowing heavily from their B2C counterparts in order to create events that are more entertaining and more inspiring and more participatory in general."

Her prediction focuses on creating compelling attendee experiences.

Eric Rozenberg, President of Event Business Formula, identifies three anticipated trends - increased AI/data usage, events' rising role amid remote work, and greater scrutiny of event value: "There will be an increased use of AI and data...there will be an increased importance of events...because of the hybrid or remote owners will have to make a choice [on] what is the value they're getting out of it."

His perspective accounts for technology, culture shifts, and strategic decision-making.

Only time will tell which of these predictions come to fruition by December 31, 2024. Get the full insights from their video interviews here: By the end of 2024, how will the events landscape look different than it does today?

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