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You're sitting in a meeting with your manager. The question comes up: "Should we use video in our campaign?" All eyes swivel in your direction. 

Statistics help you make a clear case about video's value. When you can cite accurate numbers, you move from opinion to fact. 

We've pulled together current statistics about the power of video in modern marketing campaigns. Bookmark this page for quick reference so you'll be prepared when the critical question comes your direction.

Video and Business: 3 Stats to Know 

Plenty of people use their cameras to record adorable cats or growing children. But many businesses also use video to document important moments or to inspire some kind of action. Video can make a big difference for your organization.

Business leaders say video is:

  • Critical in marketing campaigns. Among professional marketers, 85 percent use video. Of those who do, 92 percent say it’s an important part of their strategy.
  • Effective. Of marketing teams that use video, 88 percent say the technique delivers a good return on their investment.
  • Measurable. Just 15 percent of teams don’t lean on data to determine whether a campaign worked or failed. This means video is a quantifiable tool for teams. 

If you’ve been hoping for an effective, measurable, and proven form of advertising, video could be just right for your company.

Video and Consumers: 3 Important Stats 

While it's clear that plenty of companies lean on video in their marketing campaigns, how do consumers feel about the technique? Plenty of researchers have asked this question over the past few years, and the results are fascinating. 

Consumers say video is:

  • Best when it is relevant. When consumers are asked about ideal qualities in a video, 48 percent say the content should reflect the products or services they either want or already have. And 26 percent say the best videos adjust based on the device they're using.
  • Memorable. Viewers say they can remember 95 percent of the content that comes to them via video. Video is remembered more than other forms of content.
  • Preferred. When asked what type of content they choose, 54 percent of viewers cite video. You are giving viewers the type of content they actually want to see. 

Don't forget that business leaders are consumers too. When executed properly, content you create for individuals could translate into sales. Understanding what consumers want could be key to creating content they will love.

Video and Social Media: 5 Stats to Share 

Social media and video marketing were made to go together. The statistics demonstrate the power of this relationship. 

The benefits vary by channel.

  • Twitter: Every day, more than 2 billion video views happen on this channel. Tweets with videos get 10 times more engagement than those without them. This makes it a no-brainer to add video.
  • Facebook: Of all Facebook content, 15 percent is video based. But of those videos, 71 percent were made by accounts with more than 100,000 fans. This suggests smaller and mid-size companies are underutilizing this opportunity.
  • LinkedIn: When people see a video on this channel, they're 20 times more likely to share it compared to any other type of post.
  • Instagram: Posts with video get an average of 150 comments. Posts with an image get just 65. Video is making a bigger impact on viewers than images alone.
  • YouTube: Of senior executives, 65 percent visit the website related to a video they watched. 

Put these statistics together, and they suggest sharing videos on social media is a smart strategy. Clearly, consumers are both looking for and reacting to video-based posts on the channels they visit. If you aren’t utilizing video to your advantage, your business is missing out.

Should You Use Video?

Armed with recent statistics, you're ready to answer any question about the efficacy of video. And reading through the numbers, you likely feel compelled to get started. Don't let misconceptions hold you back. 

Effective videos aren't necessarily:

  • Difficult. Of teams that planned to use video marketing for the first time, 47 percent chose this route because they thought this was an easy type of content to create.
  • Comprehensive. Most videos are just 2 minutes long (or less). The idea is to give viewers a taste. You don’t need to include everything about your company in one video.
  • Sales based. Among consumers, 36 percent say they'd like to see more videos that educate or explain. When you give viewers this kind of content, you build trust and loyalty. 

Put your loyal community to work creating videos for your brand. User-generated content is authentic and honest. When real people talk to one another about the benefits your company delivers, your bottom line improves. 

At Gather Voices, we empower companies just like yours to collect and distribute user-generated content. Our platform is intuitive and powerful. We'd love to show it to you. Contact us to find out more.


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