Revenue Strategies for Virtual Events: A Conversation with Tony Lorenz

Revenue Strategies for Virtual Events: A Conversation with Tony Lorenz

Conferences and events are an important financial driver for many organizations. But, understanding how to drive revenue with a Virtual Event when you’re used to offering in-person events can be a challenge. That’s why we invited Tony Lorenz, the Founder of Headsail, LLC, to share his expertise with us.

He  shared best practices around Revenue Strategies for Virtual Events as part of our Conversation Series, a live webinar series where we gather insights from industry experts and thought leaders. You can get free access to watch the full replay of our conversation with Tony Lorenz on-demand here.

Here are a few actionable insights from the conversation:

1) Understand that the Future of Events Looks Different Than it Did Before This Year

The events industry was changing before 2020, but the pandemic forced us to accelerate our adoption of the new technologies. Even when we’re able to gather together for in-person events, the virtual elements are not going away. Successful events in the future will be more integrated and will include both in-person and digital experiences. Listen to Tony Lorenz:

2) Create More Engaging Content By Inviting More People to Be Part of the Conversation

Listening to one person walk through a 40-minute presentation isn’t the most engaging experience in a Virtual Event setting or an in-person setting. Invite more people to the conversation and incorporate their stories throughout the session to create more engaging content. There are many ways to do this, whether it’s asking people to weigh in on a specific topic or asking for questions before the event. Listen to Tony Lorenz:

3) Get Creative with Sponsorship Opportunities and Measure Their Impact

Making the switch to a Virtual Event offers an opportunity to get creative with the sponsorship opportunities you can offer to your partners. Think outside of the box to find new ways to deliver value to sponsors. Plus, digital activities are more measurable than many in-person activities, so make sure you’re measuring the value you deliver. Listen to Tony Lorenz:

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