Prepping Your Association's Event Landing Pages: 3 Tips

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Picture this: Your association is about to host a national conference, inviting members from near and far to attend. To get your members excited and help promote your event, you’ll need a user-friendly and well-designed event landing page. 

An event landing page acts as a comprehensive introduction to your event that covers everything members need to know if they attend, all while creating hype and reassuring members that they made the right decision in joining your association. 

If you’re new to website design or have limited experience creating event pages, creating an effective event landing page might sound daunting. However, with the right tools and strategies, you can create a beautiful event landing page that will inspire members to register and attend your big event. 

Explore these innovative tips to create a winning event landing page:

  • Provide a complete event overview
  • Keep it simple and easy to navigate
  • Add interactive elements

Backed by an association-specific website builder, you can design your association event landing page with ease. According to Morweb’s guide to membership website builders, a CMS that comes with drag-and-drop editing and ready-to-go templates will help streamline the entire page development process, giving your association more time to focus on event planning. Let’s begin. 

Provide a complete event overview. 

Your event landing page needs to anticipate and answer all of your members’ questions about your event. Essentially, the landing page should act as a one-stop shop to everything members should know about your event and exactly what they can expect from attending. 

To provide a comprehensive overview of your event, make sure to provide the following details:

  • Purpose. Will your association event help members gain skills and industry knowledge? Is the central purpose behind your event to facilitate networking? Clearly articulate the purpose of your event so members understand what they will gain from attending. And remember, social proof is critical. Use testimonial videos or quotes from past attendees to showcase the value other real people derive from attending your events.
  • Target audience. Will your association event be open to all of your members, or is it intended for a specific subset? For example, you might host an event specifically for new members to welcome them into your association. Identify your target audience so members don’t mistakenly sign up for an event that may not benefit them. 
  • Location. Are you hosting your association event in-person, online, or as a hybrid combination of both? If your event has an in-person component, make sure to include the address and any relevant information on accessing the correct room. If your event has a virtual component, include the livestream link and instructions on how to access your livestream. 
  • Agenda. What activities will your event include? Will there be a speaker segment, speed networking round, or professional development workshops? If you’re hosting a hybrid event, your agenda for your in-person and virtual audiences may differ slightly, so clearly spell out what each audience should expect. 

Make sure to include the most important details, like event purpose and time and date, as close to the top of your event page as possible. This way, your members won’t have to dig around looking for this key information and can easily refer back to it leading up to your event. 

Keep it simple and easy to navigate.

When members visit your event landing page, you want it to be as easy as possible for them to find the information they’re looking for. A user-friendly event landing page increases the likelihood that members will sign up for your big event and feel satisfied with their member experience, leading to membership renewals

Follow these tips to make your landing page easy to navigate: 

  • Avoid clutter. Make sure your on-page elements are reasonably spaced apart. This gives your readers time to visually digest your page and focus on your content without getting distracted. To organize your on-page content, work with an association-specific website builder that offers ready-to-go website templates. This way, you can easily drag-and-drop your content into professional and well-organized layouts. 
  • Break up text with visuals. Visuals like videos, graphic design elements, and photos make your event landing page more striking and enjoyable to scan through. For example, if you’ve hosted this event in the past, you could include video testimonials from members and guest speakers.. This also gives members a better idea of what your event will entail. 
  • Optimize for mobile. Many members will navigate onto your event landing page on their phones, so it’s important they have a positive user experience. Work with a CMS that will automatically optimize your event landing page for mobile users so they don’t have to do much scrolling or zooming to view your content. 
  • Incorporate accessibility elements. People of all abilities should be able to interact with your event landing page, so be sure to include alt text on images, apply closed captions to multimedia elements, and use high color contrast between the background and foreground for legibility. 

A well-designed event landing page should also include an embedded registration form. This way, once you’ve successfully informed your audience with your event details, they can quickly RSVP on the same page. Streamline your registration form by only asking for the most important information so members can submit their information with ease. 

You’ll also want to ensure that your event landing page is easy to find on your website. Create a call-to-action (CTA) button on your association’s homepage that directs users to the landing page. The best nonprofit and association websites make their CTAs stand out by bolding the lettering or using a distinct color from the rest of the page. 

Add interactive elements.  

Interactive elements can take your event landing page to the next level and drive extra engagement with your members. You might consider adding the following content: 

  • Integrated social media feeds. Display your live social media feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other relevant platforms directly on your event landing page. This way, your members can see promotional content you’ve already shared related to your event. Remember to stick to displaying one or two feeds to avoid clutter. 
  • Social sharing tools. With embedded social sharing tools, members can easily share your event landing page on their individual social media feeds. This can help get the word out about your upcoming event and even inspire prospective members to fill out a member application. 
  • Polls. To generate increased excitement for your event, you might ask members to answer a poll asking which event aspect  they’re most looking forward to (expert speakers, fine dining, networking, etc.). Your members will also greatly appreciate the opportunity to submit their thoughts and suggestions ahead of the event, so consider creating a poll that asks members to vote on the food choices, speakers, or other relevant elements. 

These elements not only make your event landing page more visually appealing, but help members feel more connected to your association and eager to take part in the event. 

Once you’ve designed your event landing page with the help of a dedicated association website builder, you’ll want to market it widely. According to Double the Donation’s guide to digital marketing, a multichannel marketing strategy can help your association ensure your members see your content and increase exposure for your organization to prospective members. Share your event landing page on social media, through QR codes on direct mail, via your email newsletters, and on any other relevant platforms. 

These tips will set your association up for success with any event you choose to host, whether it’s a conference, workshop, or mentorship opportunity. With a strong event landing page, you can successfully inspire registrations and deliver a memorable event experience for members. Good luck! 

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