Perspective: Here’s How Southwest Airlines Is Using Video to Build Consumer Trust

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In recent years, video has taken off as a tool that facilitates better communication and customer engagement. And the need for it is booming.

But for many associations, video can be intimidating. It takes equipment, talent and time to shoot, produce and upload. Seems like a lot of barriers. The good news is that it’s never been easier to produce engaging videos anywhere, anytime and by anyone.

Want to know how? Let’s dive in.

Video Brings Us Closer

To drive social engagement as an agency, association or a medium-sized company, text is no longer enough. Audiences of today are used to consuming quick, snappy video content to gather information and interact. They have little time for anything that doesn’t stick or offer value.

One company that does it well is Southwest Airlines. It’s a big brand with sophisticated marketing. Consumers love them.

What’s their secret?

Investing in tactics and tools that drive business results.

How Southwest Stays Cool

People at Southwest know that engagement goes beyond just sharing information. To bring their customers closer requires creating an emotional rapport, understanding them and responding to their needs.

This is why Southwest regularly features video in its customer communications. Recently, they sent an email to inform their customers about new safety practices to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Their leadership team delivered the message through a video that’s also been embedded on the Southwest website. Seeing managers’ faces created warmth and emotional rapport. It made the company feel human and relatable. And the message was timely, showing that Southwest cared about handling the problem.

The result?

Increased consumer trust.

A Better Toolbox . . . Inside Your Pocket

You don’t have to have pockets the size of Southwest to compete. Producing a great video doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or labor-intensive.

The Gather Voices platform removes the barriers that were once insurmountable to instantly enable you to create a personal connection with your members. It humanizes your message and gives your members a way to share their voice.

And yes, it can be done anywhere, anytime and by anyone.

Human Connection at Scale

Gather Voices has built an entirely new category: Video Relationship Management or VRM. Since video has become the most compelling form of content, use it often to bring you closer to your members and your goals.

To help you scale quickly, Gather Voices makes video production effortless. You’ll be using an intuitive set of software solutions that automate the creation, management and publishing of your video.

Each video is uploaded instantly to your Gather Voices library, where you can share it with a few simple clicks. Just plug into our platform and you’re off and running.

Why Wait?

Don’t leave it to the big guys! As an association, you too can use video to engage with your member base and even go beyond.

At Gather Voices, we make video simple for associations — helping them unlock the power that comes from real member stories, captured with video.

Wanted to see how it’s done? Request a demo today!

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