MPI Member Exclusive: How to Supercharge Your Event with Video

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It’s no secret that video is totally dominating today’s event marketing landscape. And event marketers who include authentic, community-driven video content into their video strategy are achieving even more success than those who rely on traditional video production alone.

In a recent edition of MPI LinkedIn Live, Drew Holmgreen, Chief Brand Officer at MPI, had an enlightening conversation with Michael Hoffman, CEO and co-founder of Gather Voices. They discussed how event professionals can supercharge their events with the help of video content and announced a special offer exclusively for MPI members.

Engaging Audiences with Video

The conversation began by emphasizing the importance of engagement. Regardless of what type of event you’re running - in-person, hybrid or virtual - creating meaningful connections with your audience is critical to year-round engagement. 

And while there’s many ways to engage an audience throughout an event, organizations who focus on putting real people front and center in their engagement touchpoints have the highest levels of success. 

Community-Driven Video Content: A Game-Changer for Events

Gather Voices – a platform that simplifies the collection of videos from people anytime, anywhere, using any device – has revolutionized how events can be enhanced through the power of video content. 

Michael Hoffman, the co-founder, shared insights on how the platform was born out of the need to scale video production efficiently. The platform allows attendees, speakers, and sponsors to contribute videos, creating authentic, relatable content that builds trust and engagement.

Leveraging Video for Testimonials

Drew Holmgreen emphasized how MPI’s partnership with Gather Voices has enabled them to create more powerful and authentic video testimonials, both on the show floor and virtually. 

These videos, filled with real stories and experiences, resonate more deeply than traditional marketing content. MPI's experience with Gather Voices exemplified how collecting testimonials and insights using video significantly enhances marketing campaigns and storytelling.

Expanding Social Proof with Speaker and Sponsor Videos

Hoffman introduced Speaker VideoBoost, a new Gather Voices product designed to help event organizers obtain speaker testimonials and promotional videos. Speakers can create and share these videos effortlessly, showcasing their expertise, driving critical social proof, and broadening the event organizers’ reach. 

The discussion also delved into how video content creates sponsor opportunities beyond the event itself. Hoffman explained how videos can be used for pre-event promotion, post-event summaries, and ongoing engagement, making them valuable sponsorship assets.

Questions from the audience highlighted Gather Voices' global reach and multilingual capabilities. The platform's ability to create captions in over 30 languages offers a way to engage diverse audiences and allow participants to express themselves in their native languages.

Exclusive Offer for MPI Members

The conversation concluded with an exciting offer: MPI members can now access Gather Voices' tools at a special rate of $500 per month. This membership-exclusive offer enables event professionals to harness the power of video content without long-term commitments, further enhancing their event strategies.

In a world increasingly driven by visual content, video emerges as a game-changing tool for event professionals. Whether through attendee testimonials, speaker promotions, or year-round engagement, video content enhances the event experience, drives engagement, and leaves a lasting impact. With the innovative solutions offered by Gather Voices, the possibilities for event enhancement are virtually limitless.

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