Introducing the Teleprompter from Gather Voices

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One of the most requested features in Gather Voices history has been to add a Teleprompter. This request has been mostly made by those working with senior executives who want to be able to record communication to internal and external stakeholders that is not only on point, but exact. When words matter, it makes a huge difference to be able to have that script right in front of you, in a way that doesn’t look like you are reading.

That's why we're thrilled to unveil this enhancement to our video recording solutions – the all-new Teleprompter feature. This addition is designed to make your video creation process smoother, ensuring those expected to deliver a message on video do so effortlessly.

What is a Teleprompter and Why is it Useful?

A teleprompter is a powerful tool that displays a script in a readable, user-friendly format, allowing speakers to maintain eye contact with their audience while delivering a well-crafted message.

A true teleprompter, like they use on television, is actually on glass right in front of the camera lens. This is obviously not possible on a screen where the webcam is in its own little border above the screen. What we do at Gather Voices is to approximate the teleprompter by putting text in the upper middle of the screen, as close to the camera as possible. This text then scrolls and you can change the speed and size of the text for your own comfort level.

Whether you're a seasoned speaker or just starting, the Teleprompter feature can make recording a less stressful and faster process.

The Teleprompter Advantage

Gather Voices has always been at the forefront of providing remote and in-person video recording solutions for the event and association industries. Now, with the Teleprompter, we're taking your video content creation experience to the next level.

Tailor Your Script with Precision

One of the key highlights of the Teleprompter feature is its ability to empower you with script customization. Whether you're a speaker, attendee, sponsor, or exhibitor, you can now set the size of the text to match your preferences. No more straining to read small fonts or dealing with text that's too large – with Gather Voices, your script is tailored to your comfort.  In fact, the video-maker can edit the script right in the recording process, so it is easy to have last-minute word or phrase changes.

Control the Flow with Adjustable Speed

The video maker can effortlessly synchronize their text with the Teleprompter's adjustable speed settings. Whether you prefer a leisurely pace or a rapid-fire delivery, Gather Voices lets you take charge of the experience. This flexibility ensures that your video content is not only authentic but also delivered in a manner that suits your unique style.

More New Features

The Teleprompter is just one of the many new features added by Gather Voices in the past year to improve video creation and sharing. Some other features you may be interested in include:

  • Virtual Backgrounds – Change backgrounds of videos after they are recorded. Remove those unmade beds behind people with a couple clicks.
  • QuietZone – Remove background noise from videos with a click. Take a video recorded in a noisy place and make it sound like it was in a sound-proof studio.
  • TikTok & Instagram Publishing – Turn your horizontal videos into branded vertical videos and publish them to the hottest social media platforms with a click.
  • VideoBoost – Have speakers, attendees and other constituents record a video and immediately share a branded version of their video to their own social media platforms.

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