How Will a Gather Voices Subscription Affect My Current Resources and Video Processes?

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One common question we get is about how Gather Voices’ Video Relationship Management (VRM) software will affect an organization’s current resources and ways of working. We get it. Adding a new tool to your tech stack can be pretty intimidating. 

The good news is that our solutions are designed to complement your current resources and work within your existing processes. Whether your organization is brand new to video or you work with a best-in-class video production agency or you fall somewhere in between, Gather Voices makes video simpler, faster, and more affordable.

Let’s take a closer look at each of the most common scenarios:

Resident Video Expert

In some organizations, video projects are just a part of someone’s role, rather than the sole thing they focus on. This person has some video knowledge and is capable of editing video content, but it’s just a piece of what they are responsible for day-to-day. This person is also likely to be one of the only people in the organization with access to video editing software tools, which can lead to bottlenecks.

Gather Voices’ software solutions empower people across the entire organization - regardless of what department they are in, their experience with video, or their technical expertise - to gather, build, and share video content seamlessly. With functionality like simple video editing and easy-to-embed video requests, anyone on your team is capable of producing high-quality video content. 

This means that there’s less pressure on the person who used to be the one everyone turned to when they needed video, so they have more bandwidth to tackle those special video projects that need a little extra production value. And it means that your organization will be able to produce more video content than ever before, which means more engagement and faster results.

Contractors, In-House Resources, and Full-Service Agencies

Other organizations have in-house video production teams, hire full-service agencies, or work with contractors for their video projects. Gather Voices’ solutions are not meant to replace these resources. Instead, they simplify your video production processes by making it possible to collect video content from anyone, anytime, and anywhere. 

For organizations who understand the power of video, it’s hard to create enough content to meet the demands of your audience. The need for video content is increasing exponentially. No matter how skilled your in-house resources, agencies, or contractors are, there just aren’t enough hours in the day or dollars in the bank to create all the video content you’d like to have. So instead, the team prioritizes the projects with the highest value and the rest get left behind.

But what if your agency didn’t have to handle some of the more basic parts of the video project? How many more video projects could your organization launch? 

What if your in-house team didn’t need to travel to collect video footage from the real people that make up your organization’s community (your customers, members, donors, volunteers, etc.)? How much more authentic and compelling would your video content be if it included a diverse set of voices that truly represented your audience?

The answer is: a lot. By empowering people across your organization to collect video content from real people using their own phones, tablets and computers, you’ll be able to make video a part of more of your strategic initiatives, instead of just the select few.

You may be asking: but doesn’t this mean that more people across my organization will have to spend more of their time on video? 

It’s true. Gather Voices will remove your organization’s video silos and empower everyone to gather high-quality user-generated video to support their campaigns. But with functionality like one-to-many coaching for content collaborators, AI-powered captioning, and one-click publishing to social media (just to name a few!), achieving more with video is simple, fast, and affordable. 

Brand New to Video

If your organization hasn’t had the resources to invest in video yet, now is the time. Video has a reputation for being expensive, complex, and slow. So, even though 86% of businesses use video as a marketing tool, for many organizations, traditional video production at scale is simply out of reach. 

At Gather Voices, we know that video is too important to be hard. We make video simple and affordable so you can accelerate your impact, create authentic engagement with your audience, and achieve a strong return on investment.

Gather Voices Makes Video Simple

So whether you’re just starting out, have a single person focused on video, or are powered by a full-service agency, Gather Voices will help you make the most of your current resources and streamline your existing resources so you can achieve more with video.

Video is too important to be kept in a silo. Gather Voices’ VRM software empowers your entire team to build stronger relationships with your community by co-creating video content with them. You can learn more about how organizations like yours are exceeding their goals with Gather Voices by reviewing our case studies and requesting a demo today.


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