Elevate Your Brand with Gather Voices’ New Virtual Background Feature

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In a world where video content is king, authenticity reigns supreme.

And yet, there's an art to balancing the real with the ideal – especially when it comes to presenting your brand in the best possible light. Enter Gather Voices’ newest feature: virtual backgrounds in post-production, a tool that will up your game when you curate user-generated video content.

The Rise of Virtual Backgrounds

Virtual backgrounds have become ubiquitous in our digital lives. They're not just a feature we occasionally use on Zoom calls; they've become an expectation, a norm for personal and professional interactions alike. But as common as they are they can also be terrible, super fake looking and distract from the content of the video.

Why Post-Production Makes a Difference

The power to alter video backgrounds post-submission is a game-changer for organizations. Imagine receiving a compelling testimonial from a member, only to find that the impact is diminished by an unmade bed in the frame or an unintended photobomber. With Gather Voices’ Virtual Background feature, that's no longer a concern. A platform admin can seamlessly swap out the distracting elements with a branded backdrop or a more suitable scene with just a click, elevating the content while maintaining its authenticity.

When to Use Virtual Backgrounds

There are a lot of reasons to use virtual backgrounds in the videos you get submitted. Some of the top reasons are:

  • Brand Consistency: Harmonize the look of your event by giving all videos a uniform, branded background.
  • Privacy Control: Replace potentially sensitive or copyright-encroaching backgrounds without having to discard valuable footage.
  • Visual Quality: Turn any location into a professional setting, thus enhancing the visual appeal of your content.
  • Engagement and Advocacy: Encourage more participation by assuring members their content will meet brand standards post-production.

The Organizational Advantage

To organizations that collect video from customers, members, attendees and others, having a degree of control is critical. Just as you provide guidance for folks recording videos, and just as you want to add a branded frame or captions, you also need to be able to control the background to enhance or preserve otherwise quality content.

By managing virtual backgrounds after the video is submitted, at the organizational level, you can ensure that every video aligns with the brand and message. This post-production control can make the difference between a video that’s simply passable and one that’s professional and on-message.

When To Use Virtual Backgrounds

While the virtual background feature is a significant addition to any video content strategy, it’s important to use it judiciously. Authenticity is the currency of today’s digital realm. Overuse of virtual backgrounds can dilute the personal touch that makes user-generated content so engaging. Use it to enhance, not overshadow, the genuine stories your stakeholders share.

Also, it’s important to note that depending on how the original video was recorded, the virtual background can look more or less real. A busy background with a lot of movement can create poor quality. One common pitfall with virtual backgrounds is that they can sometimes give presenters an ethereal, ghost-like quality, with their forms seeming to flicker in and out of existence with each movement. Beyond this spectral dance, any significant gesture can inadvertently unveil the reality lurking just beyond the digital facade. In other words, some of the time you just can’t make it work because of the poor quality issues in the original recording.

See the Magic in Action

Are you ready to see how your organization can benefit from our Virtual Background feature? Whether you're aiming for brand consistency across event content or ensuring that every piece of shared video is up to par with your organization's standards, Gather Voices is here to help.

To truly understand the impact of this feature, see it for yourself. Speak to a Gather Voices Video Expert or request a product demo today. Elevate your content, empower your brand, and engage your audience like never before.

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