A New Way for Business

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Fact: The world has changed for business.

Fact: Businesses that don’t change how they operate are destined for extinction. 

When your operational playbook was first crafted, times were different. It’s time for a new way of operating in a new world. 

So what’s changed?

Product Differentiation is Gone

With advances in design, manufacturing, computing power and software, there is little difference in quality between products. 

It is now only purpose and personality that separates one product from another.

Trust in Authority is Low

There was a time when people believed what the government, media or brands said. That time is gone. 

People trust their peers and connect with other people and their ideas and values.

People are Consumers and Creators of Content

People used to just watch what was created for them to watch. Today, everyone is a consumer and a creator. 

What people create for each other is more compelling than what you create for them.

Technology is No Longer a Barrier

There was a time when the means of communication and storytelling were the domain of the large company because of the cost of production and distribution.

Today, all of your customers and employees have supercomputers with professional video cameras in their pockets.

New Operating Principles

These trends point to a new way of operating — with transparency, innovation and agility.


Your top-down communication changes to two-way conversations between employees and companies, and companies and their customers — mostly with video. Being transparent in your beliefs, actions and purpose enable you to become a magnet for those that share your lived values. The result is growth, employee retention and customer satisfaction. 


There are so many things in business done the way they were done 30 years ago. Change is faster and innovation can’t just be a buzzword, it has to be part of the culture. Innovation means risk-taking and it means finding new ways of listening to the ideas coming from inside and outside the organization. 


Speed is essential. The ability to change course quickly is also essential. Being able to collect and curate information quickly and act on ideas will separate the winners from the losers. 

Gather Voices — Powering the Future of Business 

Gather Voices strengthens customer and employee relationships for businesses through meaningful video content they create, collect, and share with ease. 

Gather Voices brings emotional, impactful video to companies and changes video creation from a slow, expensive, outsourced service to an easy, frequent part of the knowledgeable worker’s day.

New times call for new tools. These times call for Gather Voices.

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