50+ Free Zoom Backgrounds (for Associations)

Are you at the beach?

In space?

On the Simpsons???

No! It’s a Zoom background.

One of the fun and sometimes necessary elements of this crazy work-from-home Zoom-all-the-time world we’re in, are the Zoom Virtual Backgrounds.

Assuming you have a computer with enough processing power, or a green screen, you can place yourself in a virtual background with a couple clicks.

We know this is a hard and strange time for all of us and we want you to have a little fun. So we put together this list of royalty-free Zoom backgrounds for your enjoyment.

Check out some of our favorite backgrounds below… and if you just can’t get enough… we’ve got a Google Drive folder with 50+ shared backgrounds. Just click this link to get ALL the backgrounds.

When Zoom isn’t enough

Zoom is great, but if you’re running virtual events and conferences, it’s probably not enough.

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Art Zoom Backgrounds

Houses at Bougival (Autumn)

Beach Zoom Backgrounds

Convention Center Zoom Backgrounds

Fun Zoom Backgrounds

Indoor Zoom Backgrounds

Mountain Zoom Backgrounds

Nature Zoom Backgrounds

Wallpaper Zoom Backgrounds

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