[2024 Update] Video Marketing Statistics You Need To Know To Engage Your Audience in 2024

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The video juggernaut continues. If you’ve been online you cannot escape the dominance of short-form video on TikTok, YouTube and Instagram. People crave video and the video they crave most is short authentic video stories. They want user-generated video, not brand created content.

While at one time the job of a marketing team was to be clever in content creation, the task now is to lift up the authentic voices of your community and amplify the stories that move people to action.

Let’s have a look at some updated stats about video and what those mean to you and your organization.

Prioritize Video in Your Marketing Strategy

With 91% of businesses using video in their marketing, it's clear that video is no longer optional. To stay competitive, incorporate video content actively into your marketing strategies. It's essential for engaging today's audience.

Maximize ROI with Effective Video Marketing

With 92% of video marketers seeing positive ROI, focus on creating content that resonates with your audience to maximize returns. Analyze what works and iterate accordingly​​. Don’t overspend on one video, take more of a portfolio approach where you are collecting content all the time and can see what works.

Leverage Video to Boost Sales

Since 87% of marketers report a positive impact on sales from video, use video content to showcase products, explain services, and highlight customer, member and attendee testimonials to drive sales and registration.

Improve Product Understanding Through Video

Videos are excellent for explaining complex concepts. With 96% of marketers agreeing on their effectiveness, use explainer videos to help customers understand your products or services better.

Invest in User-Generated Content

Leverage the authenticity of UGC, as it's highly trusted by consumers. Encourage your community to create and share their videos, enhancing your brand's relatability and trust​​. UGC is more trusted and shared than brand-delivered content.

Utilize Social Media for Video Marketing

With the majority of consumers using social media for product discovery, use platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to showcase your video content and engage with your audience.

Incorporate Video in Email Marketing

Enhance your email marketing with video content, as it can significantly increase click-through rates. This approach is especially effective for engaging an older audience. Gather Voices clients are seeing up to a 300% increase in engagement from emails that include video.

Combine Digital Advertising with UGC

In digital ads, mix in user-generated content to make them more relatable and engaging. This approach can lead to higher click rates and lower cost-per-click​​. Meeting Professionals International, a Gather Voices client, saw twice the performance from ads using user-generated video than ads that were static.

Use UGC to Enrich Web Content

Feature UGC on your website to boost conversions and engage visitors. It adds authenticity and can lead to increased return visits and longer time spent on-site.

Stand Out with Video and Audio Content

In a crowded market, use video and audio content to make your brand stand out. It's a proven way to capture consumer attention.


As video marketing continues to evolve, staying ahead means adapting to these trends and insights. Focus on creating content that resonates, leveraging UGC for authenticity, and using video strategically across all your digital platforms. By doing so, you'll engage more effectively with your audience and drive meaningful results for your organization.


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