It’s simple, fun, and fast to co-create high-quality video content with attendees at in-person meetings and events

Engage attendees at your live events in a new way that’s fun and simple. Organizations are creating a memorable experience and capturing 20-50 authentic videos at 1-day events.

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Set Up and Break Down with Ease

The Video Kiosk has a small footprint, empowering you to capture video wherever works best for you and your attendees -- on the show floor, with a Step & Repeat, outside session breakout rooms, and more.

It’s simple to capture more of the high-quality video content you need with the do-it-yourself setup and familiar technology tools, like:

  • iPad configured for your organization
  • Light ring and omnidirectional wired mic
  • Instructional video content
Co-Create High-Quality Videos Quickly

The attendees, speakers, and sponsors of your meetings and events have powerful stories to tell. But, hiring a camera crew to film their stories at the event is expensive and slow. 

The recording technology enables you to offer one-to-many coaching:

  • Set time limits and talking points
  • Check lighting and sound
  • Secure digital rights with ease
Publish Content in Near Real Time

As videos are created, they’re seamlessly uploaded into the backend of the platform so you can begin using the content immediately, rather than in the weeks and months it takes to receive it from videographers or vendors. 

Manage, edit, and publish videos quickly: 

  • Add custom branding and CTAs
  • Caption videos in 30+ languages
  • Publish videos to social in 1-click

Client Successes: Simple and Effective

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How Much Does It Cost?


It’s affordable, easy, and efficient to gather video content to use all year long at your in-person meetings and events

The Video Kiosk is exclusively available to Gather Voices’ Enterprise subscribers for $3,000 and includes all the equipment you need to co-create high-quality video content at your live events. Need help running your Video Kiosk? Contact us to learn more about how Gather Voices can staff and operate the Video Kiosk at your next event.

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