NTEN Uses Gather Voices to Drive Up Course Enrollment

The Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) provides a wealth of continuing education courses and certifications for nonprofit professionals. To promote their 2019 courses, they asked each instructor to make a short informational video using Gather Voices. By including these videos on landing pages and in email promotions, NTEN has seen email clickthroughs increase by 70% and course registrations increase by nearly a third for some of their courses where video is incorporated.

10/22/2020 @ 1PM CT


Instructors record course promotion videos on their own devices, in their own time — no need to coordinate video crews across the country.


By including video on course landing pages, NTEN has increased time on site, conversion rate, and course enrollments.


Each instructor's knowledge and expertise shines through in a personalized video — it's a great way for prospective students to get a feel for the course.

Leveraging Instructor Expertise and Impact

Before Gather Voices

NTEN had a successful continuing education program, but like any organization, they were concerned about enrollment for their upcoming courses. This led them to a key question: "Are there any good opportunities for increasing enrollment?"They had tried creating promotional videos, but they faced some major barriers:

  • Instructors are located all over the country
  • Not enough time or budget to coordinate local video crews for promo videos
  • Not enough production resources; their content producers were focused on course content

Using Gather Voices

The NTEN team was already using Gather Voices for their conference video, and they saw an opportunity to leverage the platform for continuing education:

  • Each instructor records a short, personalized video on their mobile device
  • Videos are synced to their Gather Voices video library in real-time
  • Staff can publish videos to Vimeo in minutes; these Vimeo videos are embedded in their course landing pages and promotional emails
  • NTEN has measured a positive impact on course conversion using Google Analytics
Mobile Mockup

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