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Learn from association industry thought-leaders

Our video conversation series is a collection of 30-minute interviews recorded with a live virtual audience. Featured guests include:

  • Raphael Badagliacca
    Business Development Executive, ASi
  • Nikki Bell
    Cofounder & Director, Fundraising Everywhere
  • Kate Bradley Chernis
    CEO, Lately
  • Dianne Devitt
    Co-Founder & Director, Fundraising Everywhere & Everywhere+
  • Terry Howerton
    CEO, TechNexus
  • Bobby Kaighn
    Director of Partnerships, Higher Logic
  • KiKi L’Italien
    Founder, #assnchat
  • Tony Lorenz
    Entrepreneur & Event Marketing Expert
  • Michelle Mason
    CEO, Association Forum
  • Jamie Notter
    Cofounder & Culture Designer, Human Workplaces
  • Sangeeth Peruri
    Founder, Outreach Circle
  • Arianna Rehak
    CEO, Matchbox Virtual Media
  • Julie Sciullo
    Founder, Association Analytics
  • Dr. Michael Tatonetti (CAE, CPP)
    Certified Pricing Professional
  • Amy Thomasson
    Executive Director, American College of Medical Quality
  • Howard Tullman
    Founder & CEO, 1871
  • Edward Wendling
    Global VP of Marketing, ASi
Dr. Michael Tatonetti
Certified Pricing Professional
Michelle Mason
CEO, Association Forum
KiKi L’Italien
Founder, #assnchat
Howard Tullman
Founder & CEO, 1871